The Project

A solid public health system constitutes a pillar of advanced societies, capable of providing their citizens with an enabling environment for development and smart and inclusive societies.

The importance of quality education in health for inclusive societies, sustainable development and growth is stressed within the current Europe 2020 Strategy and its Flagships Initiatives. Employability of graduates and stronger relevance of universities’ educational programmes for their socio-­‐economic environment has moved high on the agenda of policy makers. Whereas in most European countries, HEIs have been developing policies and actions during the past decade, the situation in most European neighbouring countries is quite more precarious. In the Arab region, HEIs struggle to tackle the highest regional unemployment rate of the world, multifaceted health challenges and also a worrisome mismatch of the educational programmes with the socio-­‐economic needs. Integrating the contents and skills that really fit health challenges for smart and inclusive growth constitutes the very ground of this project.

Upon these premises, the overall objective of MED-HEALTH is building up South Mediterranean HEIs’ competences in the field of Public Health to improve public health performance, employment & development perspectives in the region.