University of Monastir – UM


The University of Monastir was founded in 2004 and it comprises 16 establishments (5 faculties and 9 institutes) distributed across the district of Monastir and Mahdia. Some of these institutions have undoubtedly contributed to the development of modern Tunisia. Being a multidisciplinary university, UM offers a wide range of courses for undergraduates as well as postgraduates. Currently (2013-­‐2014), there are 64 undergraduates, 25 masters and 9 doctorates. UM has about 1988 teachers, 993 administratives and 24724 students, 208 among whom are foreigners, what constitutes roughly 1% of the total number of students. Scientific research (24 laboratories 26 research units and 4 doctoral schools) is an important and well recognised academic research as testified by the training programmes and the services offered.