Work Packages

MED – Health  is organized in 7 different work packages:

WP1- Analysis & Skills Enhancement

Horizontal work package which creates the knowledge base for definition and implementation of further project activities, with the objective of assessing and analysing existing PH practice & needs to enhance related capacities at the South Mediterranean partner HEIs.

WP2- Implementation of Master Programme in Public Health Management

Key  WP of the project is the establishment of the Master Programme in Public Health Management (PHM) in the 6 South Mediterranean partner HEIs.

The  Master Programme will have a holistic approach and a regional dimension, and be in line with the requirements of the Bologna process in order to create a community of professionals able to respond with academic excellence and multidisciplinary approaches to both the challenges and opportunities that the future presents in the field. The skills and knowledge to be gained will make the graduate a competitive candidate for leadership positions in, i.a., hospitals, governmental agencies, NGOs, consulting firms, and educational and research institutions. Students’ internships at the end of the course will supplement the education provided by the Master Programme, giving necessary practical skills and abilities for their professional activities.

WP3- Set-up of Mediterranean ePortal on Public Health

An  ePortal on Public Health will be set up at the South Mediterranean partner HEIs, as a supplementary resource to the educational programme. The ePortal will serve as reference point for the students of the Master and also for the universities’ community, medical teaching staff, practitioners and HEIs in the region as a whole.

WP4- Quality Control & Monitoring

This  WP is in charge of monitoring the totality of the activities carried out during the lifecycle of the project to ensure quality of project results and take corrective actions if required.

WP5- Dissemination & Networking

The  dissemination of project results is of most importance for the consortium and the EC. Dissemination actions will be implemented regularly throughout the project lifespan as a key element to achieve the project objectives, provide for multiplier effects & sustainability options.

WP6- Sustainability

The sustainability of project results is a crucial objective for the consortium and the EC. It is envisaged as a decisive project goal that the introduction of the Master in PHM, the implementation of the ePortal on PH and the creation of a Regional Network of PH Practitioners will become model initiatives for other Arab countries and HEIs, even outside the reach of the Erasmus+ Programme.

WP7- Project Management

Horizontal  WP facilitating the implementation of the action as a whole to ensure timely,  on budget and on target completion of all activities and deliverables.