Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network – EMPHNET


EMPHNET is a regional public health network that provides technical assistance to various countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. EMPHNET’s distinctive regional role allows it to contribute to strengthening countries’ capacities in various areas of public health including surveillance strengthening, outbreak investigations, emergency response, health security, non-­‐communicable diseases and various other areas. EMPHNET works in partnership with Ministries of Health, NGOs, international agencies, private sector, and other public health institutions in the region and globally to promote public health and applied epidemiology. EMPHNET provides professional technical assistance to assist public health officials within the ministries of health in leading the efforts to build epidemiologic workforce and systems in their respective countries. EMPHNET collaborates closely with partners that include the CDC, WHO, and UNHCR. EMPHNET supports the establishment of networks among public health professionals through providing resources and communication channels for FETP residents and graduates, building rosters of experts, and hosting regional conferences.