Palestinian Medical Relief Society – PMRS


The Palestinian Medical Relief Society is the largest primary health care NGO in the West Bank and Gaza, bringing medical relief to the most vulnerable communities. It is a grassroots, community-­‐based Palestinian health organization that exists during almost 30 years. Throughout the years it has adopted its policies according to the changing needs of the population which result from changing conflict dynamics. As such, following the building of the separation wall and other movement restrictions, it established mobile clinics. These mobile clinics bring medical services to those people who are unable to reach medical care themselves. Moreover, it aptly responded to the situation in Gaza. As of January 2008, PMRS declared a status of emergency and has stepped up its emergency program to support the needs of the people in Gaza. Because emergency response alone is not enough, PMRS has developed a broad scale of permanent programs, working in different areas thereby addressing a large variety of beneficiaries with different health needs. Moreover, through the establishment of National Health Programs, PMRS attempts to address the roots of the problems by emphasizing prevention, providing education, stimulating community participation, and focusing on the empowerment of people.