An-Najah National University – ANNU

ANNU is the leading institution of Higher Education in Palestine. It offers great learning opportunities to Palestinian students in almost all areas of academia. The University has twenty faculties offering bachelor degrees in sixty-­‐five academic programmes, thirty-­‐three Masters, one PhD programme in chemistry and twenty-­‐one programmes offering diplomas. ANNU’s commitment towards improving competences and employability prospects for its students and the region is shown, i.a., by leading and participating in several EU funded projects and transnational initiatives towards this end. ANNU is the only PCU of the project offering specialised studies in Public Health (Master of Public Health Program), which the institution recognises that lacks a systematic approach and crucial topics such as public health policy and management. The institution is convinced that the current and future health challenges, which are increasingly global, need a move forward in the educational content, structure and focus of the studies, which will play a key role in mapping competences that exist/are needed in the Needs Assessment phase. ANNU has been very active in most of the programmes developed through the Ministry of Health. The present action to introduce a Master Programme in Public Health Management with a holistic and regional approach therefore constitutes an extraordinary complement to ANNU’s efforts to build up opportunities for Palestinian students and professionals.