Kick off Meeting

Date: 25th – 26th Feb 2016

Venue:Amman – Jordan

An-Najah National University – coordinator of this Erasmus+ project organized a kick off meeting in Amman, the participants form different institutions: An-Najah National University – Palestine, Mutah and Zarqa Universities – Jordan, University of Manouba, University of Monastir – Tunisia ,and three EU Universities: Universidad Pública de Navarra – Spain , Anglia Ruskin University Higher Education Corporation – United Kingdom , Université Libre  de Bruxelles  – Belgium , and the associated partners: Agora Institute for Knowledge Management – Spain  ,Palestinian Medical Relief Society – Palestine, Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network – Jordan ” project consortium”, were participated in  this  kick off meeting  in Amman on 25th – 26th Feb 2016.

Dr. Nedal Jayousi, Palestine NEO Director, and Dr.Imad Ibrik,Project Coordinator-An-Najah University ,and Dr.Nizar Ayadi ,EU Partners Representative, welcomed the project partners, as well as expressed their gratitude to their support and participation of the project. Each partner, then, gave a brief presentation on their institution regarding the existing experiences in Public Health Management and their roles in the project.

Given to the novelty of the project nature, the coordinator of the project, Dr. Imad Ibrik, explained the rationale of the project and stressed the importance of Public health management in the Mediterranean countries, explained the work packages of the project in details, expected results and impact, objectives, activities and scheduling.

Dr. Nedal Al-Jayousi delivered a presentation about the Erasmus+ program, emphasizing the importance of this project in higher education institutions.

Mrs Carla Giulietti – EU-representative, displayed the guidelines and the administrative aspect for the project via video Conference, focused on: unit cost for travel and stay, staff costs.

Participants agreed on the practical steps to establish a master’s program in “Public Health management” in the partner universities and to benefit from the experiences of the European Universities participating in the project.

The meeting discussed over two days the ways to build effective planning and implementation of the project to the fullest extent and to ensure the sharing of roles between the universities involved in the project, and through the formation of the Steering , Scientific ,Quality, and dissemination Committees  .

Participants draw up the plan for the sustainability of the project and the creation of a network for communication and promotion, and to study the market analysis needs, and to develop a website to disseminate the educational materials electronically.

Dr.Imad Ibrik “project coordinator” viewed Erasmus Plus project management and instructions technically and financially, as well as the importance of achieving the objectives of the project: Introducing a Master Degree Programme in Public Health Management in line with Bologna requirements, Establishing an e Portal on Public Health Management in the Mediterranean partner HEIs as a regional Point of reference in the matter for universities, researchers and professionals, Creating a Regional Health Management Network to ensure regional debate, harmonization of practices and sustainability of the project outputs for the ultimate benefit of the citizens of the South Mediterranean region.

 At the end of the meeting, the consortium agreed on the next activities including the date of signing internal project agreements and date of the next study visits.



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