Tunisia Regional workshop in curricula development For the development of Master Program in “Public Health Management” & Fourth Steering and Technical Scientific Committee Meeting

Venue: University of Monastir, Tunisia

 20th – 22th Sep 2017

An-Najah National University –Palestine Coordinator of MED-HEALTH Erasmus+ Project and Monastir University – Tunisia (Host University Partner) organized the fourth steering & technical committee meeting & second regional workshop in curricula development – in Tunisia-Monastir  , the participants form different institutions: An-Najah National University – Palestine, Mutah and Zarqa Universities – Jordan, University of Manouba, University of Monastir – Tunisia ,and the EU Universities: Universidad Pública de Navarra – Spain , Anglia Ruskin University Higher Education Corporation – United Kingdom – Skype, and the associated partners :Palestinian Medical Relief Society – Palestine, and Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network – Jordan ” project consortium”, were participated in  this  workshop and management meeting  in Monastir-Tunisia  on 20th – 22th Sep 2017 .

The workshop focused on supervising development of syllabus and practical issues, incl.    Examination and teaching methods, graduates’    employability    and    competence matching, the main aim of the workshop was to help Mediterranean Partners Universities to develop the teaching materials for the following core courses: Strategic Management and Commissioning, Contextual factors & Health information systems, and Health Economics and Financing.

The meeting was opened with a welcome speech by Dr. Mahjoub Anouni – UM , Dr. Mahjoub spoke about the importance of “MED-HEALTH” ERASMUS + Project in Tunisia , which is a project that aims at building up South Mediterranean HEIs’ competences in the field of Public Health to improve public health performance, employment & development perspectives in the region.

On the first day the partner universities presented the Master Programme development and progress in each country “Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine”.

Then there were working group’s session to discuss the following core courses: Strategic Management and Commissioning, Contextual factors and Health information systems, Health Economics and Financing.

On the second day the EU partner’s trainers presented and gave training to the MED partners for the three core courses: Health Systems: finance and future – Prof. Pérez Ciordia , Health Economics and Financing. Dr. Russell Kabir , Strategic Management and Commissioning – Experiences from an international MSc in Public Health’  Dr.Fiona McMaster.

Then the MED partners formed working groups to summarize the final common outputs for the three core course and presented them to all.

The partners agreed on courses competences, evaluation and requirements procedure, weekly class schedule, recommended literature,….etc. please see courses syllabus in the annexes below.

On the Third day there were a project management meeting, the financial status of project, next steps, requirements and semiannual reporting to project coordinator.

The first year achievement ,assessing the quality of project deliverables and the next steps and activities necessary to be done in this project was presented, also highlighted that the focus of this project is: Introducing a Master Degree Programme in Public Health Management in line with Bologna requirements and with a holistic and regional approach in South Mediterranean universities to prepare highly skilled and competent public health workforce; Establishing an e Portal on Public Health Management in the Mediterranean partner HEIs as a regional Point of reference in the matter for universities, researchers and professionals. Creating a Regional Health Management Network to ensure regional debate, harmonization of practices and sustainability of the project outputs for the ultimate benefit of the citizens of the South Mediterranean region.

Then Health Management Network – Progress, Set-up & IT maintenance of e-Portal on PHM – Progress, Selection & uploading of materials were presented and discussed.

Exploring options for joint Master degree EU-PCs, Development of Dissemination Strategy – Project Promotion, Purchase & installation of equipment Status also then presented and discussed.

At the end of the meeting, there were a closing remarks by Dr Mahjoub and the consortium agreed on the next activities and date of the next study visit in Feb 2018 to ARU – United Kingdom.


Med-health- Tunisia Workshop Report

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