An-Najah Selected as Coordinator to Implement Public Health Project

An-Najah Selected as Coordinator to Implement Public Health Project

An-Najah National University’s EU Projects Office has been selected as a coordinator to implement  the Erasmus+ project “The MEDiterranean Public HEALTH Alliance” “MED – HEALTH”  for building up South Mediterranean HELs competences in the field of public health to improve public health performance, employment &development perspectives in the region.

The project aims at offering a master’s programme in public health management by the Faculty of Medicine at An Najah National University to produce competent public health workforce. The project also aims at establishing an e-Portal on public health management and creating a regional health management network.

The project is being implemented by An-Najah National University and the University College of Applied Sciences in Gaza, Zarqa University and Mutah University in Jordan and Université de Monastir and Université de la Manouba in Tunisia as well as three public European universities from Spain, UK and Belgium (Universidad Pública de Navarra ,         Anglia Ruskin University Higher Education Corporation ,Université  Libre  de Bruxelles ),  and the associated partners:          Agora  Institute  for  Knowledge Management  ,Palestinian Medical Relief  Society ,Eastern Mediterranean  Public  Health  Network,Horizons pour  le  Développement local .

The university was also elected as a coordinator for other projects this year through the Erasmus+ programme in partnership with other universities.


Dr. Imad Ibrik, EU – Project Coordinator at An-Najah thanked An-Najah administration and the national Erasmus + office for their support of the projects.