University of Manouba ,Tunisia, Organized MED-HEALTH Stakeholders Meeting in Tunisia

UMA organized a stakeholder meeting at ESC Tunis School of Business (University of Manouba UMA) , Tunisia on February 28th, 2017. Participants brought together a number of people directly or indirectly involved in the health sector. The meeting was organized with the objective of raising awareness of project activities and expected results among key stakeholders in Tunisia, ensure their early involvement and gain their support. The meeting also served as a venue to promote the joint master’s degree program in public health management and analyze the existing attitudes towards public health education and the perceived needs from the perspective of Tunisian stakeholders.

Three key presentations

  • The first of the Vice-President of the University Mrs Jouhaina Gherib and Mrs Hajer Balghouthi who introduced the Med Health project in a more general context of Erasmus+ project
  • The second of Mr. Maher Gassab, director of the ESCT and project coordinator who presented the Med Health project in its entirety and its importance for both the school and the health sector
  • The third of Mrs. Nadia Cheriha, coordinator of the “Master of Public Health Management”, who, after a retrospective of the ESCT’s experience in health training since 1996, presented the content of the Masters course that will take place in collaboration of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Monastir (University of Monastir UM)

The debate

Key institutions were present and informed about the project. These institutions have expressed their interest in the project by contributing to the training and providing support for the internships as well as the creation of a regional health network, which is the only tool to ensure the sustainability of training. This was the case of the INSP (National Institute of Public Health) through its director Mrs. Hajer Skhiri, but also Dr. Leila Doghri from the Ministry of Public Health, and Dr. Amel Ben Said from Charles Nicolle Hospital.

The presence of numerous health professionals (INSP, Charles Nicolle Hospital, Ministry, Tunisian Association of Hospital Management), former students of the ESCT in Hospital Management, colleagues teachers (ESCT, ISCAE ISCC Bizerte …) …and the quality of discussions and exchanges suggest a bright future for this training.

Presentation master MED HEALTH FEVRIER 2017